Friday, 6 June 2014

S T Y L E // it's been almost a month...

Skirt, H&M. Top, originally Primark but DIY-ed. Nike Air Max Force. Sunglasses, given to me by a new Japanese clothing brand after being photographed wearing them in the middle of Carnaby Street (they never told me their brand name or emailed me). Rings, mothers and a present.

It's been almost a month since I last posted, how useless am I?! But I've either been revising or working which has taken up pretty much 100% of my time lately. Today is the first day I've got properly dressed, make-up and all, for a long while! My social life is non-existent and I'm currently sharing my bed with my laptop, folders, notepads, pens and highlighters. 

This post is nothing special, I just thought I should give a little update as to why I've been away for so long, whilst taking advantage of the beautiful weather and going all-out-summer-style.

Expect regular posts once my last exam is over on the 16th June! Eeeeeeek!!! 

 photo output_iSuCA1.gif

I thought I'd try something new and experiment with including a little GIF.

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