Sunday, 11 May 2014

S T Y L E // leaf/palm print hype

So this week I jumped on the leaf/palm print hype in the form of a cutaway crop top from Topshop (buy it here). After a shopping trip to Bluewater and seeing the palm print crop top in River Island that I've seen all over Instagram and people requesting to buy it off of others on Depop, I could see the reasoning behind the hype. It was a lovely print and very cheap! Inevitably it has pretty much sold out online and in stores. Therefore I began my quest to find another, as a result I found this Topshop one and I loved it instantly. The print is very different to the River Island one, but I think it also looks a lot better quality allowing it to be dressed up easily with a block coloured midi skirt, whilst also simply matching it with a pair of black or white jeans and slip-ons for a daytime look.

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