Tuesday, 8 April 2014

S T Y L E // textures

Jumper, Primark. String vest, eBay. Leather trousers, H&M. Nike Air Force 1. Beanie, Sknddy.

Just my luck that as soon as I write a post about my SS14 inspiration, the weather acts more like AW13! So this was my outfit for yesterday, comfy, casual and easy for running some quick errands.

Seeing as I have such a monochrome style, I don't want it to become dull and tedious.. Therefore yesterday I experimented with different textures. Leather trousers, a netted vest and a soft fluffy jumper whichI think worked quite well, especially with the different lengths of the top and jumper.

I received my Air Forces as a present for my 18th in October. Cause they're completely white they get dirty so easily! I eventually gave up with trying to keep them clean, I simply kept them for going out to clubs down in Brighton where, as you can imagine, they got absolutely filthy. However I took a couple of hours out of my morning a couple of days ago to try and clean them after watching a few youtube videos of how people managed to clean theirs up to a pretty high standard. And I'm proud to say I think they turned out well considering the state they were in before (sorry I forgot to do a before and after).

How I did it:
So firstly, take the laces out and soak them in boiling water and some clothing conditioner that usually goes in the washing machine.
For the trainers,  boil a separate bowl of water and mix it with washing up liquid. Take an old toothbrush (I had bought two super cheap toothbrushes from Morrisons) and just scrub as much of the dirt off as you can. Do this for both trainers. Dry off with a towel. Rinse the toothbrush used before or get a new one. Once clean, use a white toothpaste (no greeny-blue tinted sparkly bizarre ones you can get, just a totally white paste), and repeat the process of scrubbing your trainers again. Try and focus more on the stitching as this is where the dirt gets stuck to and stains the fabric, therefore makes it noticeable that in fact they are old sneaks. Once you think you've cleaned them up as much as possible, go over them with a damp cloth or wipe.
Make sure you leave the laces to dry before you put them in your trainers, and perhaps leave your trainers on a radiator over night or something incase they are a little damp. Et voila!

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