Monday, 16 September 2013

P R O M O T I O N // Carnaby Style Night (in association with GQ magazine)

So last Thursday evening I went to Carnaby Style Night. It was a great night filled with shopping with a special 20% discount in most shops, drinks, food, dancing and DJs!
I went out looking for a dress for a friends 18th but ended up coming home with a Stussy T for myself!
I managed to catch some of Shake Tiger Shake's brilliant performance, who were on a stage set out almost opposite Lazy Oaf.
All in all it was a wonderful atmosphere and a lovely evening! Here is a quick picture of my outfit which I took before making a run for my train..

I thought I may as well make use out of my string vest that I had originally bought for a girls holiday to Malia, and if you look very closely can you spot my first tattoo of many which I got done out there?

P.s. apologies about the flip flops making a sneaky appearance!

P x

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