Wednesday, 21 August 2013

S T Y L E // Favourite August purchase - My Zara necklace

I have been researching, considering Universities and booking up open days a majority of which are local (London or there abouts), yet one is Nottingham Trent. The distance from home to there is beyond scary but I believe that I should keep open minded and optimistic about the whole situation, and more importantly be brave. I'm used to moving to places and schools where I know next to no one, but the idea of University so far away frightens me. 

Also I want to take this blogging thing more seriously eventually, with more regular posts. But without having a space to take decent photographs, a tripod for my SLR or a decent photographer (my mum doesn't count, but I may have to train her up in taking a reasonable photo), you will have to put up with awful quality iPhone selfies for now. I apologise, but as long as I'm getting my outfits out there it's fine, the photography side of it will have to wait! 

Jeans, Primark. Pumps, Primark. Shirt, New Look. Necklace, Zara. Bralet, Urban Outfitters. 

P x

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