Friday, 28 June 2013

Checkered waists

So, we actually had some decent weather a little while back! Therefore, out came the fake tanned pins, shorts and bare midriffs.. This outfit's got a laid back, 'L.A.' vibe to it. I'm not entirely sure if that looks fits in, in Croydon, but hey ho I felt comfortable and was in keeping with this oversized checkered-shirt-round-waist trend that everyone seems to be following. It's very Pharrell/Kanye-esque!

Levi's, ebay. Shirt, Topshop. Cropped top, DIY. Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters. Nikes, JD. Socks, Topshop.

P x

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Thursday, 6 June 2013

All black everything (minus the nikes)

Back when the weather was ugly and grey (the other day), I wore this very black outfit. It's rare that I'll wear an outfit that doesn't include black, but this day I fancied taking it to the next level whilst showcasing my relatively new red Nike Air Max 90 Vac Tech's. Here's a quick picture I managed to take of my outfit before heading off to college.

Faux fur gilet, Tesco. Wet look leggings, Topshop. Vest top, American Apparel. Black cardigan, H&M. White frilly socks, Topshop. Beanie hat, Sknddy. Necklace, Topshop. 

P x