Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Introducing my 'girl crush', Yasmin

Ever since Yasmin first came about I have been obsessed with her, her voice, her music, her style, everything! I even walked past her and Soki Mak at Wireless and didn't ask for a photo, I am so stupid and regret it so much but ah well, fingers crossed we'll cross paths again one day. 
But I just thought I'd post a few images of her, and let them do the talking of why I love her so much. My style is very much so inspired by her, maybe you'll be able to tell.. 

And introducing Yasmin x Gogo Philip jewellery collaboration in stores 25th July! I will definitely be getting my fair share of pieces, I can't wait! 

Yasmin's twitter
Yasmin's blog
Gogo Philip's twitter
Gogo Philip's website
Soki Mak's twitter
Soki Mak's blog

P x


  1. great post thanks for sharing x

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